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Bandada: public goods infra

Bandada is a user-friendly platform allowing anyone to create and manage private groups of anonymous individuals without needing technical expertise. It supports various types of groups, both on and off-chain, and offers manual or automated management based on eligibility criteria. It serves a wide array of purposes, such as organizing organizational members, GitHub contributors, or NFT holders.Bandada caters to developers with tools and APIs and non-developers with intuitive interfaces, enabling easy creation and management of anonymous groups for entities like DAOs, governments, and non-profits.

How does Bandada works?

Bandada stands as a beacon in the realm of privacy-preserving technology, expertly navigating the complexities of group management with its innovative architecture.
Bandada is underpinned by a robust back-end system (API, Database, and Contracts) and two front-ends (Dashboard APP and Demo APP).
Deep dive into the architecture here

Key concepts



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